Stop Suicide ICT provides suicide prevention training to individuals, families, community groups, school staff, medical professionals, mental health counselors, and more. Contact Hillary Zwetzig at to schedule your training today.

Additionally, we provide resources and educational materials, including posters, brochures, and tips for taking care of your mental health. These can be ordered through this website, delivered to your home or business, or provided by tabling at your event. Are you holding a health fair or other event? Contact us about participating.

Family & Community Training

Stop Suicide ICT provides local statistics, warning signs, and learn how you can help. This training is provided at no cost and is given to family members and other members of the community. Contact us to schedule.

Suicide Safe Care in Primary Care (1hr):

This training is designed for primary care practices to learn how to effectively provide suicide-safe care in your clinic. Learn ways to implement tools and care pathways for clients at risk for suicide, including using evidence-based tools for screening and referring.

Workplace Wellness & Prevention (1hr):

Staying mentally and physically well is about taking daily steps to attend to your mental health. This training will provide your staff with evidence-based tools and strategies to keep themselves mentally well, avoid burnout, and recognize signs of crisis.

Risk Assessment and Safety Planning (1hr):

For medical and mental health practitioners, including therapists, social workers, nurses, physicians, and more. An introduction to using evidence-based tools for assessing suicide risk, triaging patients, and creating safety plans. Attendees will receive tools and templates to begin using immediately.  

Suicide Prevention in Social Services (1hr):

This training is designed for those in the helping professions, social services, and nonprofit organizations aimed at serving the community. Learn about how suicide impacts our community, what the warning signs and risk factors are, how to help someone at risk for suicide, and what the resources are available in our community.

School Suicide Prevention Training

Stop Suicide ICT can educate students on recognizing depression and suicidal ideation in themselves and their peers, what to do when a friend says they are suicidal, discuss myths and misconceptions around suicide, and share how to support someone when they return to school from a hospitalization.

CALM Training

Counseling on Access to Lethal Means: This training focuses on how to reduce access to the methods people use to kill themselves. It covers how to identify people who could benefit from lethal means counseling, ask about their access to lethal means, and work with them and their families to reduce access. This course is primarily designed for mental health professionals, however others who work with people at risk for suicide may benefit from taking it.

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